Another Traditional Thai Home in Central Thailand

Traditional Thai style house
An elegant two bedroomed Thai home that fits in with its surroundings

The team here at Thai home design has been hard at work on yet another beautifully traditional Thai home, this time in central Thailand. As mentioned in our previous articles the Thai Home Design team are specialists when it comes to designing and building authentic Thai Style Homes. Recently we finished work on this 2 bedroomed elevated Thai style home for a couple currently wishing to retire in the region of Nong Khae.

The underneath makes for an ideal storage and communal area

A simple, yet elegant design that fits well within the surroundings, and stays true to the traditional Lan Na style. This is also known as a Kalae house which is a design that dates back centuries. Known for its distinct features such as ornamental roofing fixtures and elevated on pillars, with the underneath being used as a communal area.

Strong concrete foundations seamlessly blend into wonderful teak wood

Several months ago when we first met the client, the team discussed the design and took measurements. Plans were then drafted using 3D imaging software and a design was agreed upon. The main construction team then excavated the land and began laying the foundation, using concrete piling and steel mesh reinforcement bars to support the home. The team then gradually built the house from the ground up, the pillars used for support are actually composed of cement with an imitation wood covering to blend with the rest of the properties’ wooden aesthetic.

wooden ornamental features were hard carved by craftsman to add to the homes charm

The majority of the house itself is composed of traditional Teak wood, which our team has specially made for their house builds.  Whilst the roof is made of high-quality imitation wood shingle Ayara tiles. A trusted brand that our team uses for all of our homes.  With the wooden roof ornaments and wooden balustrades that skirt around the upper level all being hand carved. With the house now finished our sister team Thai Garden Design will now be brought in to commence landscaping on the surrounding garden areas. If you would like your own traditional Thai Home in Thailand then contact us today.


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