Custom designed enclosed carport in Thailand

Custom designed carport in Thailand
Traditional carports are one of the teams fortes

Here at Thai Home Design, it’s not just houses that we construct. The team also does many different types of additional external builds for clients. We are often asked to erect secondary structures for clients usually outbuildings on their current property. Items such as traditional Thai style salas, outdoor housing for pool pumps and filtration equipment.  Along with home gyms with saunas, sala pool bars, and also carports for our clients. The latest one of these projects was a request for a custom-designed carport in Thailand, in the Cha-am district.

Hardwood carport
The client wanted a carport that fitted in with the wooden design of their Thai home

We were contacted by a client who had a specific design in mind. A wooden themed sala style carport that would fit in well with the traditional Thai architectural aesthetic. For the groundwork and foundation, the team went with a reinforced concrete pad for the base. Cement was used for the supporting columns and an imitation style wood covering was applied. This lets them blend in with the rest of the carports wooden look. Whilst still allowing a strong support element for the roof of the structure.

carport in thailand
Concrete was used for the base and cement columns with imitation wood to create a solid structure

The structure itself was composed of durable hardwood that our team orders from a special supplier. Which they use in most of their traditional Thai House projects. The roof itself used Ayara tiles another reputable product used across the majority of Thailand itself. With that, the client now has a wonderful carport that blends in with the style of their Thai style home in Cha-am.  Also, our sister team Thai garden design was also brought in to carry out work on the client’s garden.

hardwood carport with ayara tiles
Traditional hardwood was used along with Ayara tiles for the roof

If you would like your own custom-designed carport in Thailand, then please contact us. We work all across the kingdom.




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