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Thai Home Design have designed and built dozens of homes for Expats and Thai Nationals for over 20 years. If you are looking for a builder in Thailand, congratulations, you’ve found us. 

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This Traditional Thai Style Home is Built to Last …

We can assist you with your construction plans, layout plans, costing and budgeting, planning and construction execution. From start to finish.

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This Newly Built Home is Dramatic and Aesthetic in Every Way

Our team are able to locate to all areas of the Kingdom, setting up base camp at your location. We work strictly to time frames and budgets on every project, vital for any professional builder in Thailand.

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Drone Shot with Dramatic View of the Surrounding Landscape

In this project the client requested a traditional Northern house design, but with expert attention to detail. This home is built to last and all materials no expense has been spared. 

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This Pool Sala is Large, and Overlooks both the Pool and Adjacent Lake

The team worked closely with the client at all times, and we are flexible to the inevitable changes brought on by large and detailed driven projects. Communication is our strength, in a place where confusion can become unbearable. 

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The Carport Design is in Keeping with the New Home Design

If you are planning your dream home build in Thailand, then get in touch with your ideas, and we can help you realize your dream tropical home in Thailand.  Get in touch with us today. 


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