Modern Roofing For Traditional Thai House

As we saw previously the team was hard at work completing a house build project for a client of ours. They were able to implement their design and complete their task efficiently and with wonderful results. Thai Home Design fields a wide range of experience across all aspects of construction projects. Here we are going to look at a specific part of the project to showcase the team’s array of skill sets. As they used some modern techniques to do the roofing for a traditional Thai House.

Roofing thailand
Underlying metal framework and drainage conduit

As we worked with the client, we were able to implement and carry out many factors from conception on 3D imaging software to a physical end result seen in the beautifully finished house in our previous article. We build your home from the ground up, starting from planning and design, to foundation, structure, walls, floors, ceilings, window frames, interior/exterior design elements, gardens, and in this case roofing for a traditional Thai House.

modern roof construction
Completed underlying layer made from traditional Thai wood

As work was carried out erecting the initial skeleton of the house the completion of the walls the team then needed to look at the addition of the roof. Firstly we had to consider what kind of shape of roof would be necessary for the client, taking into the factor of frequent rainfall it was necessary to go with a sloping roof with drainage conduits to accommodate Thailand’s weather.

traditional roof thailand
Sloping Roof being covered with wooden shingles that are both durable and keep with the houses traditional look

Then we had to consider the materials, hardwood lumber was used for the bracing whilst the roof was constructed, then a metal framework was put in place for the outer layer which would be comprised of shingles. Whilst the sheathing, which would make under the underlying layers the roof was created from the same traditional wood used in the house’s construction.  The team chose to go with modern decorative imitation wooden shingles as these fit perfectly with the house’s traditional look. They also have the added benefits of being hardwearing and weatherproof for the humid and warm climate.

A finished segment of the roof.

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