Small Traditional Thai House in Central Thailand

Small traditional Thai house
This lovely traditional house will make an ideal family home

As you have seen over the last few months, the team here at Thai Home Design has designed and constructed a varying range of different traditional Thai houses. We’ve done everything from large family homes to bungalows, even huts for use as small guest houses and resort accommodation cabins. In this article we see the team merge the best of both worlds in the way of a small traditional Thai house in Central Thailand for use as a small family home.

This small home fits nicely on the clients land, making for a great family dwelling

Here in our latest project, the team has recently finished work on a smaller style house, which will serve as a small family home. We were approached by a client with a small family, who expressed a desire to live in a traditional Thai style house. They wanted their home to fit in with the traditional Lan Na style homes that Thailand is well known for, whilst not wanting an overly large house. The design team was able to scale down the plans to create a smaller and more cozy home design.

The area under the house features storage facilities, a kitchen area, and downstairs toilet and makes for a nice shelter

The client asked for a small simple Thai home that was true to the Thai archetype, elevated above the ground with the underneath serving as a communal area for the family to gather as is common in Thai homes. The underneath was fitted with amenities such as kitchen facilities, a functioning toilet suite, and additional storage areas on the ground floor. Which makes for an ideal retreat to shelter from the heat during the hot Thai days.

Wonderfully hand-carved wooden parapets for the upper level of the house

The team kept in with traditional Thai style, using dark teak wood, with the authentic wooden roof ornaments. Whilst the upper levels were adorned with intricately designed and hand-carved wooden parapets for a very authentic feel. With the house completed our sister team Thai Garden Design will now commence work on creating a lovely outdoor landscape. If you are looking for a small traditional Thai house, like this one wherever in Thailand. Then please contact us today.


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