Specialists in Traditional Thai Houses

Thai home design are specialists in traditional Thai houses and are lucky to have a team of tradesmen dedicated to the construction method of “Kalae” houses. This type of architecture is known as Lana.

Specialists in Traditional Thai Houses kalae thai house
Example of a previously completed traditional Kalae northern style house

Kalae refers to the carved wooden rack attached to the gables of the house. The wooded rack is extended to form a v-shape at the top of the ridge board. Kalae are notable for their intricate engravings on both sides of the etch rack.

Kalae was the frame designed to hold the roof together as previously the roofs were constructed from banana leaf. As time passed, the construction material changed to clay roof tiles, and kalae turned into a decorative element.

specialists in traditional Thai houses engraved roof
Example of an engraved Kalae style roof

All Lana homes are traditionally made from wood and are hand-made offsite, the parts are transported in stages and assembled onsite.

To keep with tradition our houses are made from tropical hardwoods as they are known for their robustness and ability to withstand the harsh climate found in Thailand. These hardwoods also contain an oil that is resistant to rot and termites.

Tropical hardwood is used for the main structures. For the walls, windows, and doors, gold teak or “Mai Suk Tong” is used. For the floors and beams, red teak or “Mai Deng” is used as this wood is heavier and harder than gold teak.

Specialists in Traditional Thai Houses teak walls decking
Here we can see an example of gold teak walls and red teak decking

For the roof, we use an imitation shingle otherwise known as Ayara, which is made from a fiber cement material and comes in many different styles. This type of roofing keeps the look of centuries-old tradition but uses modern technology to help withstand the tropical weather conditions found in Thailand.

Specialists in Traditional Thai Houses roofing
Example of our imitation Ayara style tile

Each and every home is traditionally handmade and can be built to any size and specification. If you are looking for specialists in traditional Thai houses then please contact Thai Home Design. To add the addition of a beautifully landscaped garden to your property then why not contact our sister company Thai Garden Design


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