Stunning Pool with Underground Pump Room in Prauchaup

The Thai Home Design team is often asked by clients to carry multiple tasks on construction projects. As can be seen below, this Stunning Pool with an Underground Pump Room in Prauchaup is really a dream home in Thailand.

Beautiful Pool with an Amazing Landscape Setting

In this latest build, the team completed a bespoke swimming pool, together with a sizable underground pump room and landscaping design for the client in question. The results are impressive.

underground pump room thailand
This underground pump room maximizes space for this special pool build…

The underground pump room also acts as a small storage facility and houses the vital pool components, pumps, and machinery required for the pools everyday regular function. This design provides the added benefit of maximizing ground space and shelters the equipment from the elements.

stunning pools bangkok
Stunning Pool and Pool Sala

This takes away the need for an unsightly external pump house construct that would ruin the aesthetic of the surrounding landscape design. Here also the team was able to work on some impressive landscape designs and utilize a wonderful pebblecrete finish for the exterior surfaces around the pool itself. Along with this, the final stages of the design were finished to the client’s specifications, a custom-designed pool complete with an underground pump room at the owner’s request. And so the team was able to complete this project for the client in the Prachaup region…

If you like this stunning Pool with its own underground Pump Room in Prauchaup. Thai Home Design is able to provide custom pool, sala, and home designs, as well as specialized features and designs tailored to your vision.  If you are thinking about building a new home in Thailand, get in touch for more information.


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