Teak House Cladding, and Teak Use in Thailand …

Teak is a commonly used material in construction of Thai houses known for its durability due to its naturally occurring oils. This beautiful wood has always been traditionally used in the construction of Thai houses, due to it’s strength and durability. It is also widely employed within the design of modern homes to bring about a much more natural look.

A Nicely Designed Teak House in Thailand …

Teak ranges from bronze to light yellow in color giving it an aesthetically pleasing tone when used on houses.

Here we can see from the pictures that the client chose to go with a teak cladding method, which is a more common choice by our clients.

Wondeful Teak Cladding makes this new home so stylish …

Installation of Teak Cladding

The Thai Home Design team decided to go with a tongue and groove method, which is a reliable method, as its applicable to interior and exterior, the system has also been carefully modified to allow for the woods natural movement.

The boards themselves are fitted by using a self-drilling screw. The benefit of this is the team are able to conceal the screw head by the adjacent groove.

Wooden Flooring, Windows and Doors

The compatible components and installation details make this the most reliable system available on the market. The advantage to this cladding system is that it has been designed as a complete system, to ensure clients long term peace of mind. Alternative methods, like the ‘fast click’ method, is a quick and easy installation system which can be used where the cladding boards are simply clicked into plastic clips pre-fitted to aluminium sub-structure rails. This can help reduce installation time by up to 60%.

Making it very efficient for our happy customers. If you are designing a home in Thailand, contact us for assistance.


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