Thai style Bungalow in Southern Thailand

Completed Thai Style Bungalow
Cozy Thai style Bungalow completed on the clients land.

Whilst the team at Thai Home Design is used to working on larger scale homes, such as traditional Thai style houses, villas, and two-storey builds. Our most recent project was something a little different from the team’s regular jobs. The team recently finished completion on a wonderfully designed small Thai style bungalow, which would serve as a home for a couple in Southern Thailand.

Small Thai Syle Bungalow in Southern Thailand
Traditional Teak wood was used in the construction of this home

This perfectly showcases the team’s adaptability when it comes to all manner of designs, styles, shapes, and sizes when it comes to building a home for our customers in Thailand. Instead of a larger home, the client desired a more cozy abode in the way of a bungalow which would fit nicely onto their recently purchased land. They wanted their home to also keep within the traditional Thai style. With that in mind, the house was crafted with teak wood, which the team uses in most of their traditional Thai house builds. When we originally met with the client and sat down to discuss what they wanted, they talked about wanting a relatively small, single storey home as there was just the two of them.

 Cosy Thai style Bungalow
Another view from the rear of the house

Our 3D Imaging design team was able to draw up the plans for them on the computer. Then we consulted our head builder whose niche is building traditional style Thai homes. As visible here with the immediately recognizable gables and ornate designs on the apex of the roof. They also requested a pool area be constructed on the side of the house which can be seen in the images above. Our sister company Thai Garden Design are now onsite to consult with the client and begin working to make the clients land more lush and green with trees and green areas. If you are looking for something similar to this Thai style Bungalow in Southern Thailand please contact us.


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