Traditional Style Salas and Carports in Thailand

The Thai Home Design team is involved in the development of this large home in Central Thailand. For this post, two sala’s are viewable, one that will be used as a carport, and the other as a large pool sala. The team often receives requests for traditional style Salas and carports in Thailand.

This Pool Sala and Pool / Garden are taking shape …

Now in the middle of construction, the home is spread across approximately 3 rai, consisting of a large main home, and landscape area including the pool, plus a large driveway with a double carport.

Stylish and Attractive Pool Sala

Both exterior buildings are designed in a traditional Thai style but constructed with modern materials and methods.

This Carport is a Traditional and Functional Style

The majority of Thai Home Design clients seem to prefer a simpler, more cost-effective method of sheltering their vehicle from the elements, rather than going through the hassle, additional cost and time-consuming extras of constructing a larger structure.  Carports can also be used for other advantages such as additional storage for other vehicles such as motorcycles or boats. They also give the benefit of added value to your home, and keeping expensive cars sheltered from the searing heat and sun in Thailand is always a good idea.

Construction methods

Common material choices are steel, wood, PVC, depending on your budget and or needs. A survey is necessary to determine any land issues, as well as set out the perimeters for the desired size. Excavation will be performed to make room for the columns to go deep enough into the ground to provide for a stable structure. Our sister company Thai Garden Design was also brought in for the landscaping of the outdoor green areas.

The client in this project also required a concrete driveway, so the team opted for a 12 cm deep pour, with the team ensuring the correct grading and levels.

The Driveway gives access to all areas

More pictures and details will be posted as the project progresses. Are you interested in building a new home in Thailand? If so, you are in the right place. Contact Thai Home Design for more details.


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