Project Management – Overseeing your Project

The Team take pride in all of our offerings. Whether it the renovation of an existing carport, to the complete construction of a brand new home. 

Supervision is the key to a successful and seamless operation in South East Asia, and the staff at Thai Home Design would ensure all facets of the project are covered:

  • Continued On-Site Supervision
  • Structured Schedules and Timing Agreements
  • Flexible Stage Payments
  • Full and Friendly Project Management Team
  • Immediate and Qualified Communication at all times

It can be a gamble when building or partaking in any build project in Thailand, the team at Thai Home Design take that gamble out of the equation, by understanding your goals and ensuring they are met on time and on budget.

Electrical Specialist Installation and Testing in Hua Hin, Thailand


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Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects