Fencing and Wall Construction

The importance of Strong Walls and Fencing in Tropical Climates

A solid wall, or Garden Fence should be a strong boundary to your property, a good impression to the surrounding home.

Quality materials should be employed at all times, in order to stand up to the harsh tropical climate of Thailand. There are a variety of strong durable options that can be employed.

With good foundations and tried and trusted construction techniques, Thai Home Design will always ensure that degradation, sinkage and cracking are not issues.

Any timber or hardwood used is always pressured treated and sourced from reputable suppliers.

Thai Home Design is fortunate to have worked with many types of clients on all kinds of fence and wall structures.

When considering a perimeter wall, there are a large choice of stones and bricks to choose from to give the look required. Of course the foundations are key to a successful wall in Thailand. Full construction drawings and specifications will be offered during quotation.

The Finished Wall is Solid and Aesthetic


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Ongoing Projects