Decorative Fencing in Thailand

The Thai Home Design team just helped a Russian expat couple install this amazing decorative hardwood fencing for their new home in Hua Hin.

The Home and Pool are Being Constructed

The Expat couple had young children and animals, so were looking for a solution to keep them safely from entering the pool. The Hua Hin Builder team designed a decorative new hardwood fence for them, which was agreed and duly installed.

This Hardwood Fence alters the whole Pool Terrace …

The new fence is made with extremely tough and high quality hardwood, which with good maintenance will last for a very long time.

Beautiful Hardwood Fencing

Access gates were positioned at either end of the terrace. This new fencing really adds exotic character and extra shade to this newly built home. If you need inventive solutions for your building project in Thailand, contact Thai Home Design today.


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