Stamped Concrete Driveway In Thailand

Here at Thai home design we can provide you with a wide range of services for both internal and external aspects of your home. Recently the team was approached by a client who wished to improve the aesthetic of their house’s exterior with a patterned stamped concrete driveway.

Stamped concrete driveway
Before picture prior to work starting

Stamped concrete is a great addition to your home which has many benefits such as reduced costs, lasting durability, level surfaces all of which require little maintenance and upkeep. It comes in many designs, patterns, and colors.

Stamped concrete driveway
Concrete poured and screening in process

Stamped concrete is poured concrete which is allowed to set and is then stamped with textures or patterns to give it an appearance of laid brickwork or tiling. It has many applications ranging from roads to driveways, outdoor surfaces such as pools and garden patio areas. It can also be used for interior flooring and is proven to have superior properties and advantages when compared to other choices such as bricks, wood panels, or tiles.

Final preparations before sealing

Firstly the team is tasked with preparation before the concrete can be applied, whilst this is a fairly straightforward process the team must take care when undertaking the steps required. The first procedure that must be undertaken in the preparation of the subgrade soil which must be compacted and evened out to prevent erosion. This is key for preventing uneven surfaces that may cause weakness in the concrete.

stamped concrete driveway car port
Sealing process complete

The team designs and creates a form out of either metal or wood which acts as a mold. In this case, the client required an exterior driveway. A driveway has to support the weight of vehicles over many years so it is essential that the team reinforces the concrete by using a steel mesh, this allows for extra strength and durability making it ideal for supporting a car over long periods of time.

Concrete is then poured and leveled out with straight edges for a smooth finish. The color and coloring method needs to be chosen and applied. This can be carried out in a number of ways, staining, dry shake hardeners, liquid release agents, or in this case an integral color method where the color is added during mixing.

Stamped concrete car driveway
Patterned stamped concrete driveway completed

Next comes the process of stamping the poured concrete. With the design selected the team uses a special rubber stamp with patterns. Any joint lines are inspected and corrected. The concrete is left to set, which enables the team to commence sealing. A Sealer is applied to improve coloration and adds a protective layer impermeable to dirt, water, staining and weathering.

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