Custom Kitchen Design in Bangkok

Thai Home Design can help you to design your perfect Custom Kitchen Design in Bangkok by providing a vast array of complete 3D design proposals that match with your existing interior area and design requirement.

kitchen designer bangkokWe will send a designer to discuss your ideas, measure the area, and then provide 3D visuals of what is possible. Once we have an approved design in place, costings and execution can be straight forward and hassle free.

kitchen design bangkok
Brand new custom kitchens in Thailand

Our design services can range from various elements such as kitchens, living rooms, interior decoration, plastering and painting. This also includes other factors such as fitting windows, installing lighting and electrical installations and wiring.

kitchen designs
Plans showing locations of all kitchen elements can be produced ..

Recently we were approached by a client with a view to fabricate a custom designed kitchen complete with all aspects such as the electrics, lighting, appliances, surfaces and kitchen units. All elements and design features of the home can be discussed and planned for.

kitchen designer thailand
Beautiful new kitchens for customers in Thailand …


Thai Home Design are with you from start to finish, offering to help make your visualizations and ideas a reality. To start, our planning and design team will liaise with you and help to put your concept on paper, or in this case, with our 3D design imaging programs, our planners and designers are able to provide accurate and well thought out architectural drawings, floor plans and 3D plans so you can see your idea come to fruition.

If you have a project or require a Custom Kitchen Design in Bangkok, then get in touch. Thai Home Design will co-ordinate a convenient time to visit, discuss, measure and provide custom 3D plans for your perfect kitchen or interior designs. Connect with the team now to discuss your requirements.


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