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Traditional Kalae style house in Thailand

A traditional Kalae style house in true northern Thai style
Here at Thai Home Design, we pride ourselves on our abilities to design and construct traditional Thai style homes for our clients. Here we are taking a look at another recently finished project that was completed by our team of native builders. Recently we finished work on a traditional Kalae style house in northern Thailand. 
All of the wood is traditional wooden [...]
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Custom built resort cabins and Thai style guest houses

Resort cabin in ThailandA traditional style resort cabin use for accommodation and rentals on a resort
Here at Thai Home Design, our team specializes in traditional Thai style architecture. We work with a team of native-born builders whose skills in the traditional Thai style have been passed from generation to generation.  Whilst we have been recently showcasing our team’s prowess in designing original Thai style homes. This week we would like to present to you […]

Beautiful Teak Homes in Thailand, Built by Thai Home Design

The Thai Home Design team have designed and constructed dozens of Northern Style, Beautiful Teak Homes in Thailand. 
teak home styles thailandThis nice entrance walkway in Northern Thai Style
Using age old and traditional techniques, these homes really capture Thai history. They are unique to Thailand, strong, imposing and beautiful examples of modern building techniques combined with […]

Thai style Bungalow in Southern Thailand

Completed Thai Style BungalowCozy Thai style Bungalow completed on the clients land.
Whilst the team at Thai Home Design is used to working on larger scale homes, such as traditional Thai style houses, villas, and two-storey builds. Our most recent project was something a little different from the team’s regular jobs. The team recently finished completion on a wonderfully designed small Thai style bungalow, which would serve as a home for a couple in Southern […]

Specialists in Traditional Thai Houses

Thai home design are specialists in traditional Thai houses and are lucky to have a team of tradesmen dedicated to the construction method of “Kalae” houses. This type of architecture is known as Lana.
Specialists in Traditional Thai Houses kalae thai houseExample of a previously completed traditional Kalae northern style […]

Two Storey Lanna Style Thai Home – TEAK Wooden House

These amazing shots show the quality of the workmanship of the Thai Home Design team. This large, two storey Lanna Style Thai Home was recently finished in all its full glory in Phicit Province,  Central Thailand.
lanna style home thailandThis new Teak home is unique and built to last
The team worked with the ex-pat customer, […]

Traditional Thai House in Central Thailand

When it comes to quality construction for your Home in Thailand, Thai Home Design is able to work with you to design your dream home. We cover all manner of homes, like this stylish modern house in Bangkok, to more traditional style Thai homes. Recently our team had finished construction on this Traditional Thai House in Central Thailand. A wonderful example of northern Thai architecture recognizable from the stilts of a Lanna style Kalae house. Along with ornate wooden carvings […]

Looking for a Builder in Thailand … ?

Thai Home Design have designed and built dozens of homes for Expats and Thai Nationals for over 20 years. If you are looking for a builder in Thailand, congratulations, you’ve found us. 
home designer thailandThis Traditional Thai Style Home is Built to Last …
We can assist you with your construction plans, layout plans, costing and […]

Building a House in Bangkok, with Thai Home Design

Here at Thai Home Design, we have an operation that spans across the entirety of the country. Recently the team finished work on a traditional style home in a nicely isolated area of rural Thailand surrounded by nature. However, we are not limited to one area of Thailand. We have completed a number of projects all over Thailand and no area is out of our reach.  If you are building a house in Bangkok or the surrounding areas and are […]

Modern Roofing For Traditional Thai House

As we saw previously the team was hard at work completing a house build project for a client of ours. They were able to implement their design and complete their task efficiently and with wonderful results. Thai Home Design fields a wide range of experience across all aspects of construction projects. Here we are going to look at a specific part of the project to showcase the team’s array of skill sets. As they used some modern techniques to do […]


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