Hua Hin Swimming Pool Construction Completed …

This new Hua Hin Swimming Pool Construction was completed at the beginning of April 2020. The results are very pleasing, and the pool is an amazing addition to this new home.

hua hin pools
Construction is ongoing

The Thai Home Design team partnered with our sister company Thai Garden Design to work with this client whom asked for a custom designed swimming pool which included stylish exterior structures such as pump houses to house the filtration equipment.

swimming pool bangkok
A Welcoming Sight for any Thai home …

They also requested an extensive outdoor planted garden area. Within a time frame of just six weeks, the team was able to design, plan and construct an outdoor swimming pool, along with a lush garden and exterior walls to enclose the garden itself for security.  Whilst planting a surrounding border of trees which gives a wonderful green aesthetic and whose foliage provides privacy from the outside world.

construction design thailand
The new pool is a great addition to this tropical home …

This also gave the added benefit of also looking pleasant to the residents and guests using the pool and garden.

The two teams came together to breathe life into the clients view of a perfectly paired garden and exterior pool, which many days could be enjoyed outside whilst adding beauty and value to their home. Another successful Hua Hin Swimming Pool Construction.

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