Resort Style Pool Construction in Hua Hin

The resort style pool construction at this project in Hua Hin is ongoing and approaching completion. The Thai Home Design team have been involved in the design and implementation of all elements, including a sunken Thai sala bar, large resort style pool, terraces and the pump room for filtration equipment.

construciton thailand
The pool bar has been built level with the pool ..

The sunken pool sala has a granite surround, and tiled interior and drainage system for dealing with the rainy season. The bar itself is designed to allow ease of access and serving to guests in the swimming pool, an ideal choice for entertaining and parties.

The imitation wood tiles look great

The surrounding terrace is graded for proper drainage, and tiled with an imitation wood tile, non-slip, which is great for kids running around the wet poolside (or an adult who may have indulged). The tiles are also a great choice that blend well with the buildings overall design, plus are extremely hard wearing.

The pool is now kitted out and ready to go …

The team finished the pool and installed an E-maux pump and filtration apparatus. E-maux are well known for their reliability and efficiency as well as being relatively budget friendly. The install also features a sand filtration system, and control panels. All of this is housed neatly in a separate underground housing facility out of sight so as to not spoil the outdoor landscape.

home construction thailand
The underneath of the house is now unrecognizable from before …

A series of partitioning is also underway, to separate and create several large rooms that were previously just an open plan terrace, underneath the house. The partitioning will now allow for a separate play room for the kids, storage, as well as space for a modest gymnasium. Resort Style Pool Construction in Hua Hin

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