Swimming Pool Construction and Design in Thailand

When it comes to swimming pool construction and design in Thailand we are no strangers to this type of work. Recently the Thai Home Design team had been working on a project with a client; here we have been following them as they carry out construction on an outdoor swimming pool. When we last left them, the concrete had been set and tiles had been selected. Also plans for the pump house, filtration system, and piping had been drawn up and decided upon.

Fantastic new home pool

Now coming back to the project, the tiling has been carefully fitted on the pool’s interior surfaces. The client also expressed a wish to have an outdoor sala bar built for entertaining. Stools were incorporated into the pool’s design so that users could sit comfortably at the pool’s edge, with the framework for the exterior pool bar being erected as seen in the picture. The client went for a blue and white tile design.

The pool and sala bar are really taking shape

A pebblecrete finish for all the external surrounding surfaces around the pool. This is a common choice used in swimming pools. As it makes for a wonderful, good looking finished result that compliments the pool’s overall aesthetic.

Measuring 1.80m deep at the deepest end, with easy climb steps

The Pebblecrete is composed of high-quality materials that when mixed with cement, make a long-lasting, durable, low maintenance finish that will last for years to come. All that remains now is the final installation of the filtration equipment in the underground pump room. If you wish to conduct your own swimming pool construction project in Thailand do not hesitate to Contact Thai Home Design for more information.


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