UPVC Windows and Doors Bangkok

The team at Thai Home Design were contacted by a couple in Bangkok. They needed professional help on what type of windows and doors to install on their home currently under construction.

There are many options available but for this specific home, the team at Thai Home design advised the use of the European standard UPVC system. This is due to cost efficiency and easy maintenance. Plus in this case it fitted in well with the design of the house.

Matte Black UPVC Scheme

The team took the client through the various colour schemes and in this case the customer opted for a matte black scheme which suited well with the modern minimalistic vision that the client was aiming for.

Installation of UPVC doors in progress

The reason why Thai Home Design recommend the European UPVC system is because of the ease and quickness of installation. The customer was amazed at how quickly it took our team at Thai Home Design to complete the install. From measuring to fitting the final product took a matter of weeks.

If you are looking for help in choosing windows or doors for your home. Please  contact us at Thai Home Design and we will be happy to help.


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