Electrical Installations at Homes in Thailand

When it comes to electrical installations at homes in Thailand these are common jobs for the team. Recently Thai Home Design was asked by a client to correct and rewire some faulty wiring within their property.

All electrical connections are professionally installed

Within their two-story house, the customers encountered many problems, such as a lack of correct and an absence of safety breakers. Safety breakers are a necessary installation within the home, the team was able to remedy these two electrical faults and replace them with up to date and safer electrical systems within the house.

Safety breakers are installed to prevent the risk of electrocution and fires that are caused due to electrical faults. Other issues tackled by the team were correcting piping systems within the structure. They were able to remove the old piping system and fit it with a brand new up-to-date plumbing system.

Clean, professional work

Other dangers tackled were old and outdated wiring that wasn’t suitable or safe for the structure and posed a great danger. The team was able to safely remove and replace all wiring with the correct types much to the satisfaction of the customer.

Beautiful Lighting, Easy use

The final issue to be tackled was under-calibrated electrical breakers, the team was able to replace and install the breakers with the correct calibration thus ensuring optimal performance and functionality. Electrical installations at homes in Thailand are one of the many things our teams do on a day to day basis across Thailand.

If you have an electrical issue or would like our professional team to come take a look at your properties electrics. Please contact us.


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