Building a Perimeter Wall in Thailand

Thai Home Design recently completed this long perimeter wall, for a couple in Cha Am. They had just purchased their new home, which had been sold to them without a perimeter wall. The Hua Hin Builder team measured and agreed details and start date.

The Blockwork and Foundations have been made on One Side

Full construction drawings of the wall were provided to the customer, who himself is an engineer by trade. The foundations comprised of solid reinforced concrete blocks, which would be used as footings for the upper block work. This wall is built to last.

The Wall Structure is Plastered

Once the wall block work was finished, the wall was then carefully rendered, and finally primed and painted.

The Finished Wall is Solid and Aesthetic

A solid job by the Thai Home Design team. If your property needs a solid wall, built to last, then get in contact today for a quotation.


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