Construction Sand in Thailand

Construction sand in Thailand is an essential ingredient of any building project. A necessity for the majority of construction projects across the kingdom.

Essential for any home construction project

For many contractors, the most appealing reason of using sand as a base for construction or when used within a concrete mixture is the low cost and efficiency. It acts as an effective adulterant; the more it can be used within the bulk volume of mortar helps lowers the cost, and removes the need of more expensive construction materials.

Good Quality Building Sand

The sand itself is composed of small particles like decomposed rock. Layers of sand improve the strength of other substances, such as concrete. Sand is also not susceptible to corrosion or destruction by pests, making it a reliable and durable building material of choice.

The Many Uses of Sand

When used as a material, it can serve a range of different uses and functions. These include roads, golf courses, and filters. Sand can also be used as a material in mixing concrete, which is used in a wide range of our construction projects, we also use it the material for decorative purposes in landscapes for our clients.

This sand/soil mix is used as a garden foundation

When used in Concrete, and seals up the voids created by the coarse aggregate, such as basalt, then the voids created by the sand particles are further filled by cement. Water completes the mix and fills any remaining voids that are left. Another benefit is that sand itself is nonreactive with the surrounding materials within the mixture of concrete used.

The presence of silica is useful as it halts shrinkage which can lead to cracks and eventual warping of new bricks, by giving them uniformity and shape.

CPAC trucks with pre-mixed cement

Mortar, or the binding material, is made up of two main components, consisting of the binding material itself and the addition of fine aggregates (the aggregate of choice being sand). The durability depends carefully on this mixture. The resulting effect of the two components of mortar is that it is able to create a binding agent for the construction materials in a firm fashion.

So, which types of Sand is used in Thai construction?

Coarse crushed limestone is the largest type of construction gravel used within Thailand. It is frequently utilized for construction projects due to the ability to support large loads and allow for essential drainage. This type of sand also works well under pavers and various other construction methods.

However, there are other choices, such as pit or coarse sand, crushed clean stone, fine limestone gravel, river sand, and artificial sand. All have their own specific benefits and uses for different tasks within construction.

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