House Plans and Architect Drawings in Thailand

Thai Home Design can offer all clients a fully packaged design service, which includes house plans and architect drawings in Thailand. It’s vital that all home builds are accompanied with a detailed set of drawings and concept renderings (optional) so each customer has a clear vision of their proposed home, and so that a reputable architect can sign off drawings, ready for the construction teams.

house plans and drawings thailand
Cross Sectional Drawings help to give the customer a clear view of the proposed …

When working with Thai Home Design, our design team can service all planning and drawing requirements. Prices are calculated on a per SQM basis, and we support all architect drawings with 2D and 3D visuals, which are often optional but very helpful in terms of have a clear idea of the final look of your dream home and garden.

house designs and plans bangkok
A Colour 3D Concept Rendering of the Proposed House …

Once drawings are approved by the client, these are checked and scrutinized by a professional architect who has the authority to sign design documents, giving the green light for the construction to begin.

designing house in thailand
Birds Eye Concept Drawings are also possible …

So if you are looking for House Plans and Architect Drawings in Thailand, talk to Thai Home Design about your requirements, and we can aid and assist to quickly and efficiently procure plans and documents that you need to secure your build.


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