Water Tanks in Thailand

When building and living in Thailand, a necessary essential for all homes is a water storage tank to provide your home with running water and fulfill your plumbing requirements. Here we take a look at water tanks for your home in Thailand.

When considering a water tank, depending on your needs, you must consider what kind of tank you would like. As they can be installed either underground or above ground. You must also consider the choice of material that you would require, as water tanks come in a number of choices, such as various plastics, such as polythene, polymer mix or stainless steel to name a few.

They also come in a variety of sizes. Here at Thai Home design, we are able to recommend a number of suppliers to suit your home.

tank water company thailand
Water Tanks of different sizes, by DOS

A long-standing supplier of water tanks in Thailand. They specialize in above-ground plastic constructed tanks, with features such as UV protection and anti-microbial technology as standard, to prevent sun and rain damage and provide 99.99% bacteria-free water.

Then another reliable supplier we turn to, established for 41 years is Diamond, who specializes in a variety of stainless steel above-ground water tanks. They provide high-quality stainless steel tanks, resistant to rust and corrosion, and are recommend among homeowners living in Thailand.

Cotto is an excellent supplier that we highly recommend, as they specialize in both plastic and stainless steel tanks, both above ground and below ground, varying in all manner of sizes. With a vast range of choices, we recommend this supplier due to the wide array of water tanks, which can suit any of our client’s particular needs. From such reliable known models such as Prema, Saver, Sandstone, and a wide range of other tanks.

If you require a water tank for your home in Thailand. Then contact us here at Thai Home Design, as we can supply and install your water tank for you all across Thailand.


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