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An update on our current pool construction project. Now with the concrete poured and set in place the team is able to turn their focus to the finishing touches for this ongoing project.  With the main foundation and overall design of the pool now completed. When it comes to pool tiling in Thailand our team is well equipped for carrying out such a task.

The new pool shell is ready for some bright new tiles …

After consulting with the client with regards to design choices for the pools finished aesthetic and color scheme. The team can now commence with the tiling process.

Pipework now runs under the ‘soon to be’ concreted floor of the pump room

The client requested a blue/white tile scheme to complete the pool’s interior surface which now will be applied. Next the client asked for a standalone walled in pump house to store the pools pumping and filtration equipment. With this information the team was able to come up with a uniquely designed structure as per the client’s specifications.

Pipework now runs under the ‘soon to be’ concreted floor of the pump room

Careful planning and designs were drawn up to map out the piping beneath the pump facility connecting to the pool beneath the ground, out of the way. The next phase of the underground pipeline installation is currently underway for the client. Soon this project will be complete for the client. More updates to follow on the finished exterior structures, such as the sala, pool bar, pump house, and overall completion of the pool itself along with the surrounding landscape for this client’s finished swimming pool.

We have extensive experience in pool installation, pool tiling and custom design If you are interested in a custom-designed swimming pool for your home in Thailand. Please do not hesitate to contact the Thai Home Design Team.


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