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Are you looking for a wall builder in Thailand? Then check out our latest offering of natural stone-clad walls. An amazing finish to perimeter walls, boundary walls, or just an internal feature wall, can be natural stone cladding, as in this example picture below.

The blockwork is covered with the natural stone jigsaw

Thai Home Design are often approached by customers with regards to applying stone cladding to the perimeter walls surrounding their property. Stone cladding is a great looking, hard-wearing option for making your external walls look attractive to onlookers.

The wall can be broken up with murals or statues, inset into the stone

Thai Home Design discussed with the client and was able to fabricate a design of stone veneer that they liked the most; we were also able to install tiled murals (supplied by the owner) to add to the appearance of the walls. With the material chosen and the team set about constructing the walls, before application each stone segment was carefully cut to fit piece by piece and before being placed onto the wall.

The natural stone appearance is a great look

The client requested external electrical outlets and wiring for exterior lighting and power. External openings were carefully cut into the stone on the wall as you can see. Also our sister company Thai Garden Design worked extensively on the clients’ garden and green areas, providing a lovely range of plants and grass to give their garden a wonderful look.

If you are looking for a professional wall builder in Thailand, contact us here at Thai Home Design.


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