Concrete Application for Home Building in Thailand

Concrete foundations are a hugely relevant and important factor, when used in Thai home construction.

When asked to construct a house by a new client, the team at first has to consider the foundations, taking into view the overall lie of the land, the height of the water level, the final height of the house, and any other relevant factors that might be important, or which could create future problems.

Concrete allows for flexible design adaptability, as poured concrete is able to take on any shape and is also a rapid process, allowing for saving on the budget when it comes to labor costs.

Lean concrete foundations are also extremely durable and boast high strength, hence why many homeowners and constructors choose this type of foundation. Unlike other types of foundation they allow for a more flexible and compressible strength over the concrete blocks.

Another benefit is water resistance; as with joint free construction, and high density, this type of foundation is less likely to develop future issues. Another added, potential lifesaving benefit is fire resistance, poured concrete is much more resistance to fire then concrete blocks.

If done properly, and with the correct mix, concrete foundations are virtually maintenance free, due to their long life span and various resistances to things like rot, fire and water. The lengthy lifespan of a concrete foundation means when planned appropriately, this will ensure the lifespan of your new home for many years to come.

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