Saving time by tiling over existing tiles….

Is it possible to tile over existing tiles without having to rip up the old existing tiles?

The simple answer is yes! As long as the existing tiles are in good condition and provide a sound base. We use a product called tile over tile.

Tile over tiles

When a customer contacts Thai Home Design we send a team round to check the condtion of the tiles they wish to tile over. The team ensure that the previous tiles have a good bonding to the ground, no cracks are present, no moisture has seeped under the current tiles and that there is a good foundation for the new tiles to adhere too.

Selecting Tiles ….

New tiles selected by the customer

Once selected the team sets about completing the installation, which generally takes no time at all, much to the satisfaction of the customers who are happy that they did not have to go through the tedious and dirty job of ripping up the old tiles and installing new.

If you have a similar scenario and wish to upgrade the look of your house by installing new tiles then please contact Thai Home Design.


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