Preparing Roads and Driveway Installations in Thailand

Concrete roads and driveways in Thailand are a regular job for the Thai Home Design team. Reinforced concrete supports the heavy loads of traffic, owing to flexible, durable material strength.  Properly installed concrete streets and roads should be able to last 20 – 30 years of service.

cement mixing thailand
Workers level the new cement mix

There are a number of steps to consider in regards to this.

Soil compaction:

Soil compaction is the starting step for the construction of roads. It is a vital component of the process, as for roads it used to support the foundation. When coming to a road or driveway construction, one of the most essential aspects is the compaction of the sub-level material. This is extremely important for the road to be properly compacted to prevent failures in the future.

cement company thailand
CPAC trucks delivering and ready to pour the concrete mix …

It increases the stress resistance of the road induced by heavy traffic usage the and prevents such events as cracking or rutting.


Then next step the team has to face is the foundation for the road itself. This is commonly used with a type 2 aggregate; this type of sub-base material is unbound and finer than other aggregates used and is typically composed of crushed stone, concrete, or slag. This aggregate found in road construction is particularly strong. Aggregates in roads are used as a load-bearing material, distributing the load evenly to the supporting ground beneath. It also assists with water drainage from the road’s surface when used in road construction.

hua hin builder
The new road is reinforced – solid for all types of traffic

The provision of a sub-base / base course will enhance the roads performance and durability greatly.

Concrete mix:

For Concrete roads and driveways in Thailand, the concrete needs to be mixed to the correct ratio which is suitable for concrete road construction. The team calculates the ratio depending on the type of aggregate or sub-base used over the initial soil compaction. Type 2 aggregate is less than 40 mm, to the ratio is worked out from that, for example, 20 mm Aggregate will require a concrete mix ratio of 1:2.5:3.5. Then the amount of water is required is calculated, for example, 20-23 liters would be used for this mixture.

road installation thailand
The concrete is poured and worked by the team

This then classifies the mixture as ‘stiff concrete’ which is commonly used for road construction.

Formwork and pouring

Formwork is the temporary or permanent structure for the use of shaping and molding concrete. The formwork itself is used as a mold, for the structural component, when it comes to road construction. The team uses specific shuttering which is tailored for use of concrete roads. Then the team installs the formwork, which can be either timber or steel, depending on the project itself. It is resistant to concrete and allows for the concrete to be poured and set. A bed of welded mesh is placed into the road for the concrete to set. The actual pouring process is conducted in the following manner. The gutters are used to ensure even distribution of the mixture from inside the formwork.

road building thailand
A concrete planer leaves a smooth finish to the surface

Various equipment and tools as seen in the photos are used to allow the leveling of the concrete. With this we allow for a level plane, also filling the areas alongside the edges also removing large air pockets in the concrete and smoothing it out into a flat surface for a good finish.

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