Wood Staining and UV Protection in Thailand

When using wood in our home construction projects, Wood Staining and UV protection is something that is necessary for homes in Thailand. We have to take certain factors into consideration as wood is easily damaged over time if not protected. The main cause is sunlight and moisture from Thailand’s humid climate. Over time the climate can degrade hardwood surfaces, causing fading and wear. Therefore the material requires wood staining treatment to protect it and provide a long-lasting finish that’s aesthetically pleasing.

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Staining Wood Planks for Cladding in Thailand

Sunlight is perhaps the most harmful factor when it comes to damaging wood, therefore we recommend applying adequate protection to protect the materials. Specific wood staining treatments that protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays penetrate into the timber causing fading and damage. UV light is the most responsible for damage to exposed wood, as it destroys the wood’s chemical structure.

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Sadolin – A Great Wood Stain for Wood Products in Thailand

The Thai Home Design team uses a stain that actively protects against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Moisture is another cause for concern as wood that stays wet for a prolonged amount of time can lead to rot. Wood staining with hardwood oil creates a water repellent surface that allows water to run off.

The team selects and applies a highly durable, semi-transparent wooden stain to the wood, choosing the correct coloration to coincide with the wood’s tone, ranging from light to dark. Using reputable stains and sealants tried and tested in the market. If you need wood staining and UV protection done for your home in Thailand then Contact us for more information.


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