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Modern Enclosed Home in Pattaya

The Thai Home Design team have recently completed a modern enclosed home in Central Pattaya
modern town house pattayaBottom floor, glazing, floating staircase and supporting pillars
The customer contacted the team requesting advice for his recently purchased plot of land. The team met the client at his plot to get a feel […]

Hua Hin House Builder

The Thai Home Design team are currently involved in a large house build in Hua Hin. If you are looking for a reliable Hua Hin House Builder, then please read further.
Construction of large house build underway
Thai Home Design can offer a wide array of services when it comes to construction […]

House Plans and Architect Drawings in Thailand

Thai Home Design can offer all clients a fully packaged design service, which includes house plans and architect drawings in Thailand. It’s vital that all home builds are accompanied with a detailed set of drawings and concept renderings (optional) so each customer has a clear vision of their proposed home, and so that a reputable architect can sign off drawings, ready for the construction teams.
house plans and drawings thailand

Water Tanks in Thailand

When building and living in Thailand, a necessary essential for all homes is a water storage tank to provide your home with running water and fulfill your plumbing requirements. Here we take a look at water tanks for your home in Thailand.
When considering a water tank, depending on your needs, you must consider what kind of tank you would like. As they can be installed either underground or above ground. You must also consider the choice of material that you […]

Construction Sand in Thailand

Construction sand in Thailand is an essential ingredient of any building project. A necessity for the majority of construction projects across the kingdom.
Essential for any home construction project
For many contractors, the most appealing reason of using sand as a base for construction or when used within a concrete mixture is […]

Electrical Installations at Homes in Thailand

When it comes to electrical installations at homes in Thailand these are common jobs for the team. Recently Thai Home Design was asked by a client to correct and rewire some faulty wiring within their property.
All electrical connections are professionally installed
Within their two-story house, the customers encountered many problems, such as a […]

Custom Fitted Kitchens in Thailand

One of the specialties of the Thai Home Design team is the production and design of bespoke and custom-fitted kitchens, always a vitally important space for all homeowners, and the heart of many homes in Thailand.
Protections during installation is advised
The Thai Home Design team has extensive experience in the area […]

Concrete Application for Home Building in Thailand

Concrete foundations are a hugely relevant and important factor, when used in Thai home construction.
When asked to construct a house by a new client, the team at first has to consider the foundations, taking into view the overall lie of the land, the height of the water level, the […]

UPVC Windows and Doors Bangkok

The team at Thai Home Design were contacted by a couple in Bangkok. They needed professional help on what type of windows and doors to install on their home currently under construction.
There are many options available but for this specific home, the team at Thai Home design advised the use of the European standard UPVC system. This is due to cost efficiency and easy maintenance. Plus in this case it fitted in well with the design of the house.

Thailand Termites – How can they effect your House Build ?

There is one word which describes the environment for Thailand’s prodigious range of nature precisely – fecund – the ability to produce an abundance of offspring, in other words fertility. Whilst this may seem an attractive feature, with a profundity of creatures of every type, it does have one enormous drawback. When the species in question impacts the human environment to its detriment it can cause an abundance of problems. And unfortunately such is the case with the humble termite.


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